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устный переводInterpretation is the most important area of linguistic services. It requires not only a perfect knowledge of the language and professional skills but also certain personal qualities like self-restraint, a mercurial mind, politeness and good manners. An interpreter must always look tidy and be dressed for the occasion. Interpretation is always highly required. Interpreters are needed in politics, business, mass media, science, engineering, obviously in tourism and a lot more.

Undoubtedly the most responsible and demanding area of interpretation is politics. Nearly every politician has his own personal interpreter or a whole interpretation apparatus. These experts have full credit and in most cases they are exceptionally experienced.

There are two types of interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is most widely used. It doesn’t require any special equipment. A client pronounces one or several phrases and makes a pause for the interpreter to repeat his words in another language. This process can be bilateral with the interpretation into both languages during a conversation. This type of interpretation is convenient for an interpreter who has enough time to give a fine and precise interpretation of every phrase. Consecutive interpretation is required at business meetings and talks, assemblies and conferences, presentations, exhibitions, at various manufacturing facilities and construction sites where international experts are employed, in sports, mass media, in courts, during notarial acts, etc.

The second type is so called simultaneous interpretation which is the acme of interpretation skill. In most cases microphones and headphones are used for simultaneous interpretation. Any person watching a news report from any international political assembly may notice that the audience has headphones. In them one can hear the words of the speaker interpreted into the required language. The speaker makes no pauses and the interpreter speaks into his microphone almost simultaneously with the speaker, interpreting on the fly. In such case any delay, slip of the tongue or wrong interpretation are absolutely intolerable. Usually for big events several interpreters are employed for each language pair and they take turns. Scientists have determined that the psychological pressure on a simultaneous interpreter exceeds that of an astronaut during a launch and a brain surgeon during a complex operation. The number of simultaneous interpreters is always small and they are highly valued. It should be noted that simultaneous interpretation is used not only in politics but also in business (especially in large companies), during scientific seminars, press conferences, international sports events, etc.

UniTra translation agency provides all kinds of bilingual interpretation services of various world languages. Our interpreters are seasoned professionals and you can fully rely on their experience and skills. Interpretation can be ordered with price calculation on the relevant page of our website.

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