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Legal Translation:

Legal translation is one of the priority areas of translation and interpretation which is absolutely vital for international trade and the functioning of world economy in general. The translation of legal documents is exceptionally difficult because the language of such documents is very much different from the spoken language that we are used to. These differences are not limited to a special terminology but are also found in the very structure of sentences and whole texts. Legal language contains a lot of clichés. This makes translation harder as one needs to find suitable equivalents for each such phrase. In some languages, e.g. English, the language of legal documents is so developed that it even has its own auxiliary words – prepositions and linking words which are used mainly in legal documentation. This is not surprising as English is used as the main international business language.

It should be noted that there are some languages which are especially hard for legal translation, such as Spanish. In this particular case the problem is that Spanish is absolutely devoid of the clichés mentioned above as well as established standards and each document is practically unique.

The history of legal translation goes back many centuries to the very beginnings of the modern law. This area of translation was becoming increasingly popular with globalization and the development of transport and international trade. Of course, a lot has changed since the earliest international documents and the legal language has become many times more complex and is now very different from other genres.

Legal translation requires a lot of effort from the translator as the preciseness of translation of each word is vital since these words have real legal force. This is exactly why it is vital to entrust true professionals with the translation of legal documents. UniTra translation agency experts have a wealth of experience of the translation of legal documents of any difficulty, type and volume. Our experts are up to any task. Legal advisors are also employed for the translation of documents.

UniTra translation agency has its own law center where one can get professional legal advice and help in solving various legal issues.

In most cases notary certification and apostille are required for translated documents. UniTra translation agency provides these services in full extent including cases of emergency when the apostille is needed urgently. Legal translation and apostillation can be ordered on the relevant page of our website.


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