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Interpretation of negotiations

In the course of any negotiations where foreigners are present, services of an interpreter are usually required. In most cases, interpretation is consecutive. The speaker pronounces a phrase and makes a pause allowing the interpreter to repeat it in another language. This system is convenient both during a speech or report, and during conversations. In the second case, the interpreter translates both ways when it is needed. Even when both parties speak good business English, or when representatives of one party speak freely in the language of the other, presence of a professional interpreter is still welcome as it allows to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. The interpreter can help with difficult words and notions and explain professional terms. Interpretation during negotiations means high level of responsibility and certain requirements both for work quality and such things as appearance and manners, as your partners subconsciously perceive your hired expert as the face of your company, because he speaks for you. There is a certain standard adopted in Russia according to which interpreters are expected to arrive wearing business suit and tie, unless the order specifically states otherwise. UniTra translation agency provides all sorts of interpreter services including interpretation during negotiations. Our interpreters are well qualified and have a vast experience of participation in such events both in Russia and abroad. Our approach is individual for each client. Waiting for Your call!

translation at negotiations

Reliable business partnership allows any company to maintain strong positions in the modern market. Translation of negotiations is an integral part of work processes of companies. To make a good impression on the other party, the interpreted speech must be precise, complete and very close to the original.

Our translation agency can also assist you in case of negotiations by phone. An expert will take part in the collective call and interpret the conversation.

Special attention is paid to official translations. In the course of such events, the way a phrase is formulated can be very important. Such meetings require very clear speech, good linguistic style and correct phonetics in the interpreted speech.

Our experts will help to form the business image of any company by interpreting at presentations, conferences and other official events. Perfect foreign languages of our experts and their extensive legal knowledge are of great importance for interpretation of technical, legal or commercial talks, establishing communication chains between representatives of different companies.

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