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Technical translation:

Technical translation has especially high quality requirements. The translator takes enormous responsibility as the quality of his work may affect the functionality of equipment worth millions of dollars. This is exactly why it is vital to entrust the translation to reliable seasoned professionals.:

For the translation of technical texts it is imperative for the translator to know not only the relevant terminology, but also to have a clear understanding of the construction of the described mechanisms or in other cases, for example, the nature of certain chemical processes. In some cases additional academic qualifications are required from the translator, for example in such complex areas as organic chemistry or mining.

The main areas of technical translation are:

  • Car manufacturing – the translator must not only have a vast knowledge of car design and internal combustion engine construction, but also understand technological processes and know the equipment used at car factories;
  • Oil and gas production – this is undoubtedly one of the priority areas of translation, particularly in Russia which is one of the biggest oil and gas producers in the world. This area is also one of the hardest as this industry has developed its unique terminology.
  • Geology and mining – a very specialized area which requires a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant terminology.
  • Mechanical engineering – descriptions of various machine tools and mechanisms, the translation of instruction manuals and user guides, blueprints and schemes – all this requires a lot of attention to details and deep knowledge of the subject.
  • Inorganic and organic chemistry – the description of experiments, expert study reports, documents concerning complex technological processes and tightly guarded know-hows.
  • Metallurgy – this area is no less important than the area of oil and gas production.
  • Building and architecture– nowadays a big share of construction works, especially of industrial and public buildings, is conducted by international contractors. Moreover, lots of building materials are imported and the relevant documentation comes in foreign languages.

This area is very popular in the translation market.

The experts of UniTra translation agency have a wealth of experience of technical translation. Many companies have a long-term business partnership with us and entrust us with the translation of even the most complex technical documents. To perform technical translation we employ not only experienced translators many of whom have also technical academic qualifications, but also scientific and technical consultants. UniTra translation agency performs all kinds of translation and interpretation of technical data to and from various world languages.

Our Clients
  • Investlesprom
  • Vtb24
  • Bank Moskva
  • Usmef
  • Segezha Packaging
  • Carl Zeiss
  • IFF
  • WorldClass
  • ALBA
  • PMSOFT Group of companies
  • Citadele
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