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Translation of civil documents

The translation of civil documents (personal papers) is a special and important part of our company’s work. We realize that despite being short, these texts are vitally important for those who use our services.

The experts who translate civil documents are highly qualified and have perfect language skills, and also guarantee the privacy of all received information.

The translation of civil documents is conducted with regard to:

  • All rules of document processing
  • Control over correct numbers present in documents
  • The use of the right terms.

Whenever an order for translation of social documents is taken, the expert must ask the client (or ask him to check personally) about the way his first and last names are recorded in their international passports to avoid possible complications during trips abroad.

Names are not translated. Names are transliterated, which means rewriting in another alphabet.

Generally, translated civil documents require notary certification of the translator’s signature. In case notary certification is not required, the translated version is added to the register of the translation agency.

Our company is ready to help its customers with the translation of civil documents, required by international families or for abroad trips. We execute all documents with guaranteed discretion for all clients. For prices and services list please visit our page devoted to certified translation of documents

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