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письменный переводAlmost all people in the modern world use translation services. From product labels to the most complex documentation and fiction writing – all the information coming from abroad requires translation. The history of translation extends back for thousands of years. The work of translators has made possible the spread of knowledge and technologies around the world since the earliest times. World religions wouldn’t have been formed without it because at the heart of every one of them lie sacred writings which were translated into multiple languages so that other nations could grasp their wisdom..

Compared to an interpreter, a translator has much more time to meditate on each sentence. Translation can be edited many times. A translator can use dictionaries, reference materials and consult with various experts. That is why the standards for translation are much higher, even the slightest inaccuracy and mistakes are not tolerated. It is essential to reproduce all shades of meaning of the original and the information that is not directly expressed but is implied, e.g. the author’s attitude towards certain events. Adequacy of translation is a special term which means the extent to which the translated material reproduces the sense and stylistics of the original..

The complexity of translation is the reason why machine translation has such low quality. Despite the rapid development of computers, the machines do not have their own intellect and can only process information according to their program. They do not possess the creativity and lateral thinking of a human. Roughly, a computer cannot distinguish literal sense from figurative or choose the right meaning of a multivocal word. It can’t reproduce the author’s emotions or choose the synonym which is appropriate both semantically and stylistically..

Only a specially trained professional has the skills required to perform correct, precise and fine translation. UniTra translation agency employs only graduates with a wealth of work experience. Native speakers and scientific, engineering and legal consultants are also employed in the translation process..

The main areas of translation are:

UniTra translation agency performs all kinds of translation to and from various world languages. We always make maximum efforts to satisfy our customers and are ready for any urgent orders. You will surely appreciate our prices and discounts for medium-sized and large orders. Translation can be ordered with price calculation on the relevant page of our website.

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